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DOT Exams Specialist

Cupid Family Practice

Melissa J. Cupid, M.D.

Family Medicine located in Charlotte, NC

DOT Exams

D.O.T. Examinations are now being scheduled at Cupids Family Practice!

Scheduled Monday - Thursday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Phone Number: (704) 971-4445

3:00pm to 4:00pm time slots reserved for DOT examinations only!

What you need to know

Cost of examination?

  • $75.00

Cost of additional test required based on current health status and physical exam findings?

  • EKG $10.00
  • PFT. $10.00
  • Urine Drug Screen $25.00
  • Lab Draw and processing $15.00
  • Glucose check $5.00

How do you prepare for the examination?

Five tips to preparing for your DOT physical:

  1. Avoid coffee and energy drinks 24 hours before your DOT physical. The caffeine in these drinks can raise your blood pressure and make it more likely that you’ll be restricted or disqualified.
  2. Cut back on salt the week before your DOT physical. Like caffeine, salt can raise your blood pressure.
  3. Come to the exam prepared. This means coming with a list of your medications, your medical paperwork, your eyeglasses, and with a full bladder. Allow yourself time so you don’t have to rush. And if you are prescribed medications for any medical conditions, make sure that you’ve taken them before your physical exam.
  4. Avoid big meals. A huge buffet breakfast before your DOT exam can increase the sugar in your urine and raise diabetes warning signs. Eat something light and healthy before your exam.
  5. Don’t get “White Coat Syndrome”. For some people, being in a doctor’s office is a stressor that can raise blood pressure. Focus on deep breathing if doctors make you nervous.

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Medical exam report/Forms MCSA-5875 and Forms MCSA-5876

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